Hi! I.m Emilio, a graphic designer based in Madrid. I have worked for many years in advertising agencies but now i’m a freelance art director. I do many things, especially related to the music industry.
  • Clientes: Sony Music, Warner Music, Primeale, Nysu, Caballo Films, Smarth Little Planet, Emerge, Subterfuge Records, La Crushqueta, Fnac, Pias, Vanity Fair, Sofilm Magazine...

  • Freelance Art Director {since 2016}
  • Co-founder Procrears {2011}
  • Graphic Designer to Costello Club {2009/2012}
  • Art Director in estrés {2007/2016}
  • Graphic Designer in Orbital BBDO {2006/2007}
  • Graphic Designer in Re.Size {2005/2006}